You will be purchasing an item much of which has been tossed around in the tide for an indeterminate length of time and has therefore developed an individual characteristic which will not be lost even in the cool secure service of buying over the net. Since each purchase will be dealt with individually by myself, you can email me with any queries. Availability of glass depends on what the tides have brought in. It is therefore subject to the ebb and flow of the sea. These jewels are made from glass. Every care has been taken in the design and creation to ensure that they do not break. However, avoid hazards such as dropping them from a height onto hard surfaces. No liability can be taken for breakages.

E.M.Forster wrote, in Howard's End the powerful words ONLY CONNECT and, quite simply, this is how I run my business. Customers have become friends and friends have become customers. I work along principles of quality, honesty, courtesy, fairness.

The work is all designed, made, packaged and posted by a company of one. Myself. I am strongly opposed to competitive commercial pressures that encourage the vulture world of legal actions (and as a small business, could not afford the complications and costs of litigation). Trust and good communication are my guidelines. So please go ahead with a purchase if you are like minded.

Find the real world.
Give it endlessly away.
Grow Rich
Fling Gold to All who ask.
Live at the empty heart of paradox
I'll dance there with you
Cheek to cheek.


Within the UK - (Royal Mail, Special delivery: insured, guaranteed next day delivery) 7.50

For destinations to the EU and other European countries - (International registered post: insured, guaranteed delivery) 10. Delivery time normally 4 - 7 days.

For postage and packing outside Europe: Please contact me.

You can always email me if you are concerned in any way, or phone me on 00 44 (0)1865 202 443.


Please email me first, if you feel the need to return any item. Full refund will be made if item returned by special delivery or registered post undamaged within 14 days. The only cost for purchaser will be the return postage.


Any sugar surface frost on the glass is from the sea's natural tumbling - this will in time wear off as the skins natural oils give a glowing translucence to the glass. Earrings: the glass in contact with the silver may blacken slightly over time. Simply clean gently with an old toothbrush, soap and water.
The silver of both the earring fittings and the necklace and bracelet fastenings has been finished to a matt gleam (not highly polished) and to restore this sheen (silver inevitably tarnishes especially in damp weather) simply rub gently with fine steel wool.